Land for sale in Ubud – TJUB200. This wonderful 3.000 m2 Land for sale is located in Ubud Payangan Bali. This 30 Ares ( 3.000 m2 ) of Land for sale in Ubud Bali Featuring Batukaru mountain, rice fields and river view is situated in Pilan, 15 minutes drive from The Payangan Hideaway. This affordable Mountain view USD 53 / m2 is perfect for Vila / Hotel / Resort. Bellow are the pictures and the features of this Land for sale in Ubud 3.000 m2 Stunning view in Ubud Payangan Bali, another affordable property for sale in Bali offered by Bali Real PropertyReal Bali Property Real Estate professionals, honest, legal, competent, specialized in land for sale in Ubud.

Land sale in Ubud Bali

Land sale in Ubud Bali

This Exotic 3.000 sqm Land for sale in Bali is probably one of best offer by Bali Real Property among other listings of Property for sale in Bali we advertised. There are some other plots of land in Bali for sale that similar to this  affordable USD 53 / m2 land in Ubud for sale. Please click here to see and compare our complete offer of land for sale in Ubud Bali

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Land for sale in Ubud Bali 30 Ares in Ubud Payangan – the features

These are view reasons why this 30 are land for sale in Ubud Bali has to be considered :

+ <- + This 3.000 m2 land for sale in Ubud is situated in a nice and quiet area but not too remote where you can still enjoy a total privacy in cozy atmosphere not so distance from Ubud hot-spots + -> + Relatively cheap land price USD 53 / m2 for this great land features making this Mountain view land for sale in Ubud a rarely found property for sale in Bali that will not stay very long on Bali property market + Presenting natural view of Batukaru mountain, rice fields and river view this 3.000 m2 of beautiful land for sale in Ubud will give you a strong impression of “ Back to nature “ feeling in real Ubud that will refresh your mind and soul every time you visit the property.  + freehold land title giving you a total freedom any time for any use of this land for sale in Ubud Bali + Strategically located in Pilan, Ubud Payangan, 15 minutes drive from The Payangan Hideaway this land in Ubud for sale is suitable both for commercial and private use + Power-line and clean water supply are in place making it easy for feature development of this 3.000 m2 land for sale in Ubud Bali + Ideal 35 mtrs wide frontage land shape with nice Terraced land contour and Easy 40 mtrs long and 3,5 mtrs wide road access access to the property adding the features of this 3.000 m2 Mountain view land for sale in Bali . +++

Those are some strong features clearly offered by this 3.000 m2 land for sale in Ubud Bali

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Land for sale in Bali 3.000 m2 in Ubud Payangan

Please take a look at the specification of this beautiful Land for sale in Ubud Bali 30 Ares with Mountain view

Land / Property Code  :  TJUB200

Property Type   : Land for sale

Land location   :  Pilan, Ubud Payangan

Land Size         :   3.000 sqm  ( 30 Ares    )

Land view / settings    :   Batukaru mountain, rice fields and river view

Land Price        :  USD 53 / m2 ( USD 5.333 / are )

Total Price        :  USD 160.000

Land Contour   :  Terraced

Condition         :  Dry Land / Garden

Land Shape      :  35 mtrs wide frontage

Land Access     :  40 mtrs long and 3,5 mtrs wide road access

Land Title         : Freehold (  Certificate of ownership )

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Land in Ubud for sale 3.000 sqm Stunning view by Bali Real Property

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Land for sale in Ubud 3.000 m2 in Ubud Payangan

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